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Workers’ wellness now a top HR service

Employees’ wellness is a major concern to all organizations because it determines the quantity and value of output the employee delivers. Many organizations are turning to outsourcing for HR specialists across the region. The resource, advisory and wellness service providers offer complete recruitment solutions that include sourcing, training and all that relates to Human Resource Solutions including employees’ personal problems. Most companies prefer outsourcing for HR solutions for smooth running of the companies while cutting down on establishment of interlocking roles. These specialists provide complete recruitment solutions that include sourcing, training and all that relates to Human Resource Solutions. As organizations around the world turn their attention to a new era of growth, the importance of an enterprise’s human capital has risen dramatically.
Recruiting and training staff though a costly exercise is an essential part of any business and it pays to do it properly. The organizations offer training for managers, line managers, supervisors and HR professionals in workplace relations. Experts said this in return boosts an organization’s productivity and profitability, increase motivation levels and ensure less conflict arises in the workplace. Human Capital Synergies, a Kenyan-based human resources professional services provider targets large entrepreneurs, government departments, parastatals and multinationals. The company offers services like HR strategy development, audits, virtual services and information systems. The company also helps its clients to understand their employees’ motivating factors, and determining the level of pay, bonus and other rewards they receive.
They conduct employee surveys, giving them a chance to express opinions that might turnaround the company’s performance. Companies require automated systems that reduce the long HR paper trail in most HR divisions of companies. This leads to a more productive and conducive department on the whole.HCS Africa has broad experience in selecting and assisting organizations implement an HR information system (HRIS) that not only works for them but is cost effective. A good HRIS has the advantage to HR management because it curtails time and cost consuming activities leading to a more efficient HR function. Career Directions (CDL) Ltd, a human resources management consultancy firm is set to reap more from the East African region, riding on the dire need by the HR departments to outsource for services

that make companies competitive in specific markets. Company officials said CDL does not only identify the right candidates for clients but that they retain this talent by conducting regular assessments and evaluations. The HR department itself requires well laid policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of its function as well as to ensure compliance. Outsourcing comes in handy. Modern HR solutions’ providers have come up with automated HR systems which reduce the time and cost associated with paper work, translating into smooth running of the department and effectiveness. The robust economies and vast investments across economies have seen many new companies set foot in the region as others expand operations. This translates to creation of jobs and need to handle work related and personal needs of the increasing number of employees. According to a 2013 global workplace Health and Wellness Report Employee health and engagement and morale are the key wellness objectives. Organizations are focusing on the fundamental change drivers and taking the ‘bigger picture’ approach in order to achieve sustainable success. Objectives such as reduced healthcare costs, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism are secondary drivers, with many seemingly perceived as a by-product of addressing these two primary success factors. “Healthy employees cut down the costs of health premiums, stress free employees further cut down the costs,” said Selina Kemama, Managing Director of An Independent Counseling and Advisory Services Organization (ICAS, Kenya).
ICAS offers practical and targeted solutions to restore health, well-being and performance of affected employees. This includes an online portal that helps an individual carry out a health risk assessment. One registers the diet and weight, and the portal automatically advises on the next step. Experts said Organizations need to prioritize levels of fun and engagement in initiative that are viewed as enjoyable for both increasing participation rates and also supporting completion rates. The company with offices in Nairobi has operations across East and Central African region and works with advisory and counseling affiliates to execute its mandate. According to the company, the employees’ problems including stress, marital, substance abuse and trauma are common to all organizations, rendering it a cumbersome job to the management. Other issues include financial, legal, work, trauma and family matters. This in return eats into the company’s performance because employees cannot de-liver as expected due to the circumstances surrounding him or her within and outside work. “At times it can be difficult to balance the pressures of work with the needs of home life, we provide them with the professional support they require,” said Selina Kemama, ICAS Kenya Managing Director.
Upon the employer getting into an agreement with ICAS, the employees and their dependants access ICAS’ Employee Assistance Programs. EAP provides personal assistance to companies by assigning one of its relationship/account managers who will advise you on all your concerns and EAP aspects. Through our systems we are able to collect meaningful, helpful, regular reports. This information helps your company recognize areas which need attention in order to improve the performance and well-being of your employees. The employees can seek guidance through a toll free line 24/7/365 days. If one prefers a face to face counseling, it is also available. Ms Kemama says the information is confidential and even the employer is not allowed access unless there is a risk to self, others and damage to property. For instance in a case where an employee wants to commit suicide, or steal company’s property to compensate for a said loss employment. ICAS uses its own custom made EAP software, which is protected by strict security policies and regulations. ICAS also complies with all data protection safety measures required by law The wellness advisory services helps employees contribute to the profits of the company, have the company interests in mind because they know they are a valued and cherished part of the company.
Experts said the employees also become more creative and show more motivation and even work more cooperatively in teams as they help the organization push towards the company mission. “They look forward to rising each morning, face the day with vigor and enthusiasm and pitch in wholeheartedly,” said Ms Kemama. Traditionally HR services were hiring and firing but an increasing desire to retain employees calls for understanding and having a solution to business executives who are busy to attend to each and every employee. Absenteeism in the work place is for example usually a symptom of an underlying problem. ICAS has implemented a system where employees who are at risk, based on their attendance are identified. Management and HR will engage the employee to determine the support required in order to increase their productivity and well-being in the work place. Presenteeism isn’t just coming to work sick but happens when employees can’t function at their best because of worries and problems at work and at home. It causes a loss in productivity and costs a business more than absenteeism. “Employees who suffer from presenteeism usually don’t show any signs or Symptoms,” says Ms Kemama. Over 70 per cent of employees who call ICAS report having been able to solve underlying problems. ICAS clients in the region include Standard Chartered Bank, CFC Stanbic Bank, Old Mutual, Tullow Oil, Multichoice, John Deere, Base Titanium among others.
About us: Career Directions (CDL) Ltd is a proactive Human Resources Management consultancy firm and have been in operation since 2003 providing support to an extensive client base in the greater East Africa region, with solutions such as;
• Management Training
• Strategic Manpower Outsourcing
• Recruitment
• Payroll processing/outsourcing
• Psychometric testing
• Total Human Resource Management
We pride in delivering the highest level of professionalism and expertise in human resource practice.
Outsourced Labour management Services CDL outsourced Labour Management Services relieves you of the pressure of dealing with the complexities of expanding payrolls, staff benefits, industrial relations and government regulations. Through the use of CDL, executives have more time to devote their energy to essential, profitable business strategies and objectives.
• We offer a complete end to end HR administrations and management
• We take care of all day-today labour relations; organize and facilitate training courses with individual’s roles in mind.
• We ensure compliance with tax and labour law
• We supply well screened non-core workers and act as a liaison between the employer and the workforce.
• We eliminate head count cost from the employer’s balance sheets
• We undertake employee development and eliminate head count cost from the employer’s balance sheets
Executive recruitment Our recruitment services are designed to provide flexible client driven solutions as opposed to of the shelf products. We ensure that we not only identify the right candidates for our clients but that they retain this talent by conducting regular assessments and evaluations. Our data bank hosts individuals of diverse of skill and experience. We continue to populate this data base on a daily basis and as such always provide our clients with current resumes. Management training Services We at CDL believe that training is one of the most important tools for building a long term relationship with your staff. Our aim is to strengthen employee loyalty and keep staff turnover at a bare minimum. Career Directions Ltd employs interactive training methods which ensure that the participants learn, develop and practice new skills in a professional learning environment Total Human Resource Management CDL has a wide range of talented and experienced staff that we dedicate to our clients. We provide you with free solutions to complex, time consuming and sometimes political issues.