AXA ICAS International is a leading global provider of Employee Assistance Programmes

Through our global network of ICAS and partner offices, we cover over 50 countries worldwide

These programmes consists of a number of services that are accessible to employees and managers alike, and provide unique and tailored solutions to assist employees to face the stresses associated with modern life.

These services include:

  • Psychological Counselling Services:
    ICAS Kenya provides telephonic psychosocial counselling services to employees and their dependants. Employees and dependants can also be referred to one of our professional affiliates for face-to-face short-term counseling. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Life Management Services: 
    The LifeManagement service offers telephonic information and assistance on legal problems, financial concerns and family matters. LifeManagement services provide detailed, practical information, education, resources and referrals to help individuals manage their work-life responsibilities.
  • eCare Online Services:
    The ICAS eCare service is a uniquely tailored online programme that is provided to all employees within an organisation. This service allows employees to access a wellbeing portal that provides health and wellbeing information that spans all relevant topics, providing a number of interactive tools and professional advisory services.
  • Account Management and Service Promotion: 
    Each client is allocated a dedicated Account Manager who manages the launch and continued implementation of the Employee Wellbeing Programme. The Account Manager assists with service promotion, report feedback, employee and managerial orientation sessions, and coordinating health and training interventions, thus acting as the ICAS client representative.
  • Reporting and In-depth Analysis: 
    ICAS Kenya uses a sophisticated data management system to capture and analyse all Wellbeing Programme engagement and utilisation data and activity. This service is managed by our Team and feedback and reviews of clients' programmes are provided on a regular basis.