AXA ICAS International is a leading global provider of Employee Assistance Programmes

Through our global network of ICAS and partner offices, we cover over 50 countries worldwide

Our Training Division offers a wide range of in-house, tailor-made programmes specific to the needs and requirements of each organisation. From experience and insights gained as an employee wellbeing programme provider, ICAS has become aware that the challenges facing organisations today demand skills (psycho-social and behavioural) from staff previously unrecognised for use in the working environment. To this end, ICAS is able to offer various additional training interventions such as :

  • HIV and AIDS: 
    ICAS offers a range of HIV and AIDS services, all of which have been specifically developed to reduce the impact of the pandemic in organisations. These services include policy development, VCT campaigns, assessment services, employee and managerial training, as well as peer educator training.
  • Training Interventions: 
    OurTraining division is able to provide training that focuses on a wide variety of psycho-social issues including stress management, diversity management, change management and dealing with troubled employees.
  • Healthy Living programme: 
    ICAS' Healthy Living programme delivers comprehensive health screenings and wellness awareness. Events include health risk screening, personalised reporting, and professional guidance from a range of medical and wellbeing professionals.