AXA ICAS International is a leading global provider of Employee Assistance Programmes

Through our global network of ICAS and partner offices, we cover over 50 countries worldwide

The ICAS Consulting and Risk Assessment Division provide comprehensive diagnostic services and targeted risk management solutions to organisations and their employees. Our consulting approach is to provide people-focused business solutions that are:

  • Professional
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Innovative
  • Data-driven
  • Effective


We believe in partnership with our clients and knowledge sharing. We strongly believe in facilitating resources already available within the organisation rather than just pointing out negatives. ICAS is able to offer various risk management and consultancy services to our clients. These services include:.

  • Policy Development: 
    ICAS can assist organisations with the review and development of a variety of Health and Wellness related policies. ICAS Employee Wellbeing policies will help the organisation define the purpose, scope, principles and core activities of their programmes and govern the ethics, legislative compliance and legal risks associated with the programmes.
  • Audits and Surveys:
    ICAS performs a number of audits and surveys focusing on specific behavioural risks. These are invaluable in determining the specific nature and extent of employee health and wellness related problems prevalent within the organisation and the methods and services required to address them. The ICAS Lifestyle does continuous audits where employees are encouraged to set goals to reduce their health risks and record their progress by re-visiting on regular basis - from ICAS lifestyle.