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ICAS LIFESTLYE Your gateway to a healthier, more productive workforce.

How many places do your employees have to look to find the health and wellbeing support you offer?

With ICAS Lifestyle, you can bring all your initiatives together in one place so everything is always at your employees’ fingertips. The Lifestyle gateway engages your employees, inspires them to make healthier choices, and makes it easy to find the support and information they need whenever they really need it.

Bringing everything together
At the ICAS Lifestyle gateway, your employees can get expert guidance on health and wellbeing topics, from general fitness to family relationships. They can take a health risk assessment, receive a personalised health report, listen to podcasts and find their helpline number to access 24/7 counselling services.

Anytime, anywhere
Your employees can access your Employee Assistance Programme and health and wellbeing initiatives at home, at work or overseas – and in complete confidence. Engaging and easy-to-use information centre, offering wide-ranging expert support on health and wellbeing themes.

Health risk assessment, providing personalised health reports and suggestions for positive lifestyle changes.
ICAS Lifestyle is our powerful health risk assessment tool that helps your employees to identify and understand the health risks they face. By truly engaging your employees in their health and wellbeing, ICAS Lifestyle enables you to maintain a healthier workforce that’s more motivated to make a positive contribution with lower levels of absenteeism.

Media Centre
Health and wellbeing videos and podcasts from our experts.
Videos and podcasts are a great way to engage busy employees in their health and wellbeing. At the ICAS Media centre we make full use of a range of media to provide information from our experts on a variety of health and wellbeing topics.

ICAS Lifestyle makes it easy for you to provide your employees with news and information of expert health and wellbeing information they can trust. It’s an excellent way of finding help without getting lost in the noise of the internet or reading incorrect or conflicting information.
Up-to-date, expert health and wellbeing information Covering general wellbeing, health and fitness, family issues, work and relationships, the site draws on our extensive experience in providing work life and wellbeing services.
Information is presented in an engaging, user-friendly way, with downloadable self-assessment tools and guides to help employees manage life’s everyday challenges